Token Analytics

[Most Important KPIs to Monitor]

A Token is a digital asset issued and exchangeable on a blockchain network. Its price is variable and subject to the law of supply and demand.

Tokens’ performance tracking requires collecting on-chain data from blockchain networks. 

The first step in the KPIs dashboards creation process is the KPIs definition step. In this phase, we define what are the metrics we are aiming to visualize.

In this article, we will go through the most important metrics and KPIs to monitor, in order to keep track of a token’s performance based on general tokens.

On-chain Key Performance Indicators

Token Circulating Supply

The Token Circulating Supply is the total number of tokens that are being used in the market and in general public hands. This KPI allows you to keep track of the tokens circulating and avoid exceeding the maximum supply (if applicable).

Number of Holders

The number of holders means the number of unique wallets owning any amount of the token. This KPI helps you keep track of the number of investors and avoid whale situations for example.

Average Tokens Held / Wallet

The circulating supply divided by the number of holders gives us the average tokens held per unique wallet. This KPI helps you keep track of the number of investors and avoid whale situations for example.

Number of Transactions

The number of transactions is one of the most important marketing KPIs. It shows how many transactions have been made with the token, and allows you to keep track of your token.

Number of Identified Wallets (KYC/AML)

The number of identified wallets means the number of wallets who are linked to a KYC profile, which allows you to calculate your token compliance rate.

Average Token Holding Duration

The sum of the date of the “sell” transaction minus the date of the “buy duration” of all the holding wallets, divided by the number of holding wallets gives you the average token holding duration. Which allows you to know if your token holders are more speculative investors or long-term holders.

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