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Empowering Company Evolution

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Our Investment Thesis

Backing Innovators in RPA, AI, Web3, and Cybersecurity

We fuel early-stage startups with a 150k ticket per deal. We deploy 50 deals per year in each fund, fostering pioneering innovations across emerging markets. Join us in backing innovation revolutionizing Industry 4.0 tech enablers.

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Advantages for Advisors

Contributing to startups within the Blokrypt ecosystem offers unparalleled benefits:



Guide ventures through challenging phases.



Expand professional connections within the tech sphere.



Be part of cutting-edge solutions in emerging markets.



Influence the evolution of transformative companies.

Seamless Advisory Integration

Contribute expertise effectively through a streamlined platform. Connect with startups, offer valuable advice, and witness impactful growth.

Yassir Haouati: A Visionary Leader

Yassir brings a dynamic background in entrepreneurship, technology, and venture capital. His strategic prowess, demonstrated in previous successful ventures and leadership roles, aligns seamlessly with Blokrypt Ventures' mission and vision.

Unleash the Power of Web3

Join the web3 revolution and experience the cutting-edge of web3 innovation with Blokrypt Labs. 


Ensure the success of your token with Blokrypt Labs’ comprehensive ecosystem analysis.

Our expert insights will give you the tools you need to build a thriving token economy.


Shape the future of your token with Blokrypt Labs’ expert tokenomics modeling.

Our in-depth analysis will provide you with the tools to optimize your token’s value and drive success.


Stand out in the web3 world with Blokrypt Labs’ expert marketing services.

Our team will take your project to the next level with our cutting-edge strategies.



Make data-driven decisions with Blokrypt Labs’ expert on-chain analytics services.

Our team will provide you with the insights you need to optimize your strategy.


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Partners Program

Earn commissions for referring clients to Blokrypt Labs

As a partner, you'll earn a commission for every successful referral, with no limit to how much you can earn. Plus, you'll be providing your network with access to our cutting-edge web3 integration and marketing solutions.